Price List

Service Rates

Service Call $100.00
Green Pool Initial Service $200.00
Green Pool additional visits $100.00
Replace Pump Motor $150.00
Replace New Pump $150.00
Re-plumb Pump $150.00
Replace Pool Light Fixture $199.90
Replace Actuator Valve $60.00
Replace 3 Way Valve $85.00
Replace 6 Way Valve $129.00
Caretaker Rebuild $150.00
DE Filter Breakdown and Clean $189.95
DE Filter Replace DE Filter Grids $150.00
Salt Cell Replace $150.00
Salt 40lb bag Stain Fighting $19.95
DE Powder $29.95
Heater Diagnostic $150.00
Full Drain and Refill Pool/Spa $460.00*
Half Drain and Refill Pool/Spa $260.00*

* Half Drain and Refill Pool/Spa recommended in Central/South Florida for Pool Pop, this is where the water table cracks and raises the Pool/Spa itself. This is rare, but nearly always requires the Pool/Spa replacement.

Pool Pricing

Less Than -10k gallons $120.00
Each Additional 5k gal $20.00
Spa $20.00 Starting
Fountain $10.00 Starting
Unscreened $20.00 Month
Excessive Vegetation $20.00 Starting
Annual Rate Increases Spring

***DE Filter backwashes & Cartridge Filter with Full Pool/Spa Service, and are performed when filter pressure rises 7 to 10 psi.

Part & Install

C500 Filter Cartridge Hayward $129.95
C800/C900 Filter Cartridge Hayward $159.95
CX100 Filter Cartridge Hayward $159.95
C1200/CX150 Filter Cartridge Hayward $189.95
C1750 Filter Cartridge Hayward $219.95
CC100 Filter Cartridge Pentair $159.95
CC150 Filter Cartridge Pentair $209.95
CC200 Filter Cartridge Pentair $249.95
Pentair 1.5hp Superflo VS pump/Installed $1,999.95
Pentair Intelliflo VS pump/Installed $2,999.95
Pentair CCRP100 Filter/Installed $1,299.95
Pentair CCRP200 Filter/Installed $1,999.95
Hayward SwimClear C100S/Installed $1,199.95
Hayward SwimClear C150S/Installed $1,599.95
Hayward SwimClear C200S/Installed $1,899.95
Replace LED White Pool/Spa Light Bulb & Gasket $269.95
Replace Standard Spa Light Bulb & Gasket $169.95
Caretaker Full Components/Installed $599.95
Paramount Module/Installed $599.95
Intermatic T104P Timer/Installed $359.95
Intermatic T104M Timer/Installed $289.95
Air Relief Valve $39.95
Pressure Gauge $29.95
Pump or Skimmer Basket standard $29.95