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The cost of a preventive Algae Treatment is minor, and can save you 10’s of thousands in Medical bills and Repair bills to Algae blooms and bacteria.

Algae has caused serious illness for homeowners and guests. Algae can run from merely unattractive to ghastly and horrific. The effects of Algae can leave your permanently damaged and unattractive

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The effects of Black Algae are much more devastating, and can actually destroy a Pool and Pool equipment. Chemically treating the Black Algae, removing the pool surface, then acid washing the pool shell, and replacing the pool equipment and piping may not correct the problem. The Black Algae can go through the pool surface and into the concrete shell.

For proper sanitation, and to keep people from becoming sick from bacteria, and other microorganisms, the filter must be properly cleaned and cleaned often. There is a simple
Cleaning, to a though Acid Wash Cleaning. If Algae is a concern, you may want to Acid Wash a Filter periodically. Some cartridges are available with a Anti-Microbial built in, they run 30-40% more than the standard filter.

Furthermore proper and frequent filter cleaning can also extent the life of all the pool equipment. Not all filters are the same quality of name brands. While they maybe cheaper, they may only last 1/3 of time, and maybe far more expensive in the long run…

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